How to support every student’s wellbeing

Want to see if you can do more to support the wellbeing of your SEND or Pupil Premium students? Or see if there are hidden issues in Class 10G? Maybe you want to find out why some students aren’t attending? Using EduKit Insight, you can.

Teachers around the world are now using EduKit Insight to track 14 key areas of student wellbeing. Using EduKit Insight Premium, you can see the average wellbeing scores for any group of students you want.

Click on the images below to see some of the analysis you can perform using EduKit Insight.

Schools are using EduKit Insight to:

  • Prevent incidents that could lead to exclusion

  • Evidence the impact of their pastoral strategy

  • Benchmark student wellbeing against national trends

  • Discover previously hidden 'at risk' students

  • Provide all students a voice about their wellbeing

  • Compare wellbeing across gender, age and more

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