EduKit Connect


The problem:

There are so many incredible services available to schools but as educators drown in promotional literature the best support often gets lost amongst the debris.

Teachers shut down when they see salespeople coming their way, yet they still want and need to find the best support for their students.

This is why we created EduKit Connect.

The solution:

EduKit Connect is a free-to-list directory that places bespoke, local charity services alongside larger, well-known providers.

Who do educators choose? The one that is right for their students.

Teachers can search by local authority and by the impact they want to see; interventions are sorted by user recommendations, not price.

Connect means that everybody wins: Schools save time and money, providers get a level playing field and students get the support they deserve.

Visit EduKit Connect today - it's free and always will be.

Intervention Directory

Intervention Directory