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Domain Tester

This page is to help you ensure that your school can access all of the EduKit systems.

View this page from a computer or a tablet from within your school, connected to the normal network that you and your students would use.

For tests 1 2 & 3, the EduKit Insight logo should appear next to each test.

For test 4 there should be an orange circle with a speech bubble inside, in the bottom right corner of the screen.

If any of the tests do not work, it means that there is a block between your school and EduKit’s systems.

Please see https://support.edukit.org.uk/domains for more information.

Test 1

The main login domain

Test 2

The short url domain

Test 3

The survey domain



Test 4

The help desk domain

(orange circle with a speech bubble in the corner)