Easily understand the needs of every child

Teachers around the world are using EduKit Insight to hear each student’s voice relating to 14 key areas of student wellbeing.

With EduKit Insight you can understand self-esteem, resilience, diet & eating, home life, friendships and much more at the click of a button.

You can then easily analyse wellbeing scores for any individual or group of students as well as comparing your school with national trends.

Click on the images below to see some of the powerful analysis you can access using EduKit Insight.

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EduKit Insight helps schools to:

  • Discover previously hidden 'at risk' students

  • Prevent incidents that could lead to exclusion

  • Evidence the impact of their pastoral strategy

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The data which the surveys produce is fantastic. It’s a very powerful tool and I genuinely can’t speak highly enough of it.

Everything the sales team said was true and the support has been second to none.
— Dave McPartlan, Asst Head, William Howard School