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Student Wellbeing

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Secure Insight Access

The problem:

The idea behind Pupil Premium is simple: it's additional funding that schools are given to support their disadvantaged students.

However, the way schools spend that money - and demonstrate it's impact - is less clear cut.

The advent of Pupil Premium also brought schools additional reporting responsibility and with budgets being cut elsewhere, this money is having to go further and do more than ever before.

Schools want to make the most of this money and need to show their stakeholders, governors and Ofsted that they are using it effectively and in the way it was intended.

This is why we created Insight.

The solution:

EduKit Insight is a web application that allows teachers to:

+ Log interventions against individuals, year groups and bespoke cohorts

+ Monitor multiple funding streams at once, including Pupil Premium, SEND budgets and more.

+ Automatically produce an end-of-year Pupil Premium report

Additional features

Insight also allows schools to track student, year group and whole-school wellbeing at the touch of a button. Using our unique wellbeing survey, schools can track the impact their interventions are having on students and act immediately on any trends they see.

Our newest feature, Insight Secure Access, allows schools to share information trends with their most trusted providers easily and securely. This enables the providers to improve their service and earns the school rewards.