Impact tracking, all the way to transition

Easily track interventions, budgets and impact, IDENTIFY STUDENTS at risk of exclusion and support all students in their transition to secondary school.

It is very easy to use. I know it will be extremely helpful when I am writing the Pupil Premium report at the end of the year. I highly recommend this tool to any PPG Coordinator.
— Charlotte Auger, Acting Assistant Head Teacher, Overton Grange

Save time

Stop scrolling through endless excel spreadsheets. Insight automatically generates your end-of-year Pupil Premium report, year group reports, PEP reports and more. Find the information you need at the click of a button.

Save money

Easy-to-find data insights show you where your Pupil Premium spend would be most effective and when to end ineffective interventions. Identify at-risk pupils early to limit the likelihood of fixed-term exclusions and the costs that come with them.