Pupil Premium, perfected

Easily track Pupil Premium interventions and budgets, gain actionable insights and demonstrate the impact of your spend. 

As EduKit Insight connects to your MIS, there’s no need to input any student information. Just add the interventions you’re using and use the extra time you’ve saved to increase your impact by delving into the reports that Insight automatically generates for you.

Insight allows you to slice and dice your intervention and wellbeing data so you can track the things that are important to your school and your students.



Stop scrolling through endless excel spreadsheets. Insight automatically generates your end-of-year Pupil Premium report, year group reports, PEP reports and more. Find the information you need at the click of a button.

Easy-to-find data insights show you where your Pupil Premium spend would be most effective and when to end ineffective interventions. Don't waste money on an expensive Pupil Premium audit, simply review your school's budgets, interventions and impact using EduKit Insight.