Successfully FUNDed

Our team of experienced grant writers have raised over £12,500,000 for youth organisations. 

Clearly, every organisation, project and funding opportunity is different so we always advise caution when looking at past success rates for fundraisers. 

However, we’ve been very successful so we do want to showcase the great results that we’ve achieved. 

  • Industry standard: 20 - 25% 

  • FUNDed team: 60% + 

These numbers are based on the number of successful applications written by our team.  That said, you can significantly increase the probability of success by having: 

  • A fun, engaging project where young people are involved in the design and delivery 

  • A great track record and evidence of impact 

  • A reserves position of at least 3 months and an independent referee who will speak passionately about your impact on young people 

Our success rates are better than others because:

  • We are experts in writing for youth organisations and know many of the funders very well 

  • We scrutinise your case carefully before we put you forward for a grant - maximising compatibility

  • We review their previously funded projects so that we can see how your proposal would fit in 

  • We help you to organise your documents and supporting evidence (such as safeguarding policies)

  • If needed, we can help you design a project that would be appealing to each funder and really stands out from the crowd 

We receive fantastic feedback from the clients that we work with which you can view here. Alternatively, to find out more