Why EduKit?

EduKit saves teachers time by helping them understand school-wide priorities in pastoral care, identifying gaps in provision and providing instant access to impactful local supplementary support


Ensure No Child Misses Out

See all relevant student information in one place.

Includes a comprehensive wellbeing survey that evaluates student pastoral and safeguarding needs.

Thematic areas include home life, resilience, aspiration, attitude to learning, aspiration, careers readiness, diet & eating, internet safety, peer relationships and much more



Whole School Improvement

Move from a student to a whole school view at the click of a button.

Easily compare results by gender, FSM status, SEN etc and benchmark against those of other schools and save time generating simple, effective reports.

Save time generating simple, effective reports for SLT meetings and Ofsted


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Understand Priorities

Respond more effectively to the needs of students by understanding problem areas, allowing you to put support in place BEFORE issues arise.

Slice and dice results by gender, ethnicity, FSM status, friendship groups or any other groupings that you choose. Benchmark your results against all participating schools.


Identify the 'Right' Support

Access a powerful database of youth organisations with maps, videos and teacher testimonials. Each organisation is classified by the IMPACT on students and can also be filtered by your location.

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